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Becoming a high performance athlete representing the Czech National Squad, Sarka turned a PGA Professional in 2020. She holds 5+ years of experience playing competitive golf.

About Sarka

Sarka got into the game of golf as a child due to working in her family owned golf facility where her father was the PGA Head Professional. That led to becoming a high performance athlete representing the Czech National Squad. By the age of 25, Sarka had already decided that she wanted to become a PGA Professional to enhance golfer’s skills, confidence and passion for the game of golf.

This is something that she had never experienced growing up from certain coaches in Europe. That is also why she understands the importance of having a great support system and coach, who can help you to become the best version of yourself, technically and mentally.

Sarka turned a PGA Professional in 2020. She has 5+ years of experience in playing competitive golf. She enjoys yoga, tennis, gym, spending time in nature and she loves meditation.

Did you know?

1If you’d like to get to know the funny side of me, buy me a glass of champagne and see the “Fun Sarka” kick in

2I almost didn’t make it through math classes in high school and here I am teaching people about numbers… hilarious!

3I used to love partying all night long. Now I love to be in bed by 9:30pm like an old lady and everyone (me included) makes fun of it

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I always believed in a holistic approach and looked at the technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of the game in my coaching. That is also why I am so excited to teach the exclusive PlayMaker 6 method when educating players on the importance of each area of the game and teaching how to understand data in a simple way. The aim for my lessons is to develop key swing fundamentals, meet your individual needs, expectations and bring the best out of each player no matter what skill level they are while following the PlayMaker 6 principles.


Sarka will observe and identify what are the player’s current skill levels, tendencies and ball flight patterns. She’ll follow with an appropriate plan, educating the player and executing the change. Post coaching session we will review improvements and discuss plans for any other strategies for overall strengthening of your game.

  • Elite Golf Amateur representing the National Golf Squad – Czech Republic (competitive background)
  • Master’s of Marketing Degree – Prague, Czech Republic 
  • Certificate III in Fitness, Sydney
  • MyGolf Community Instructor
  • PGA Australia – Diploma of Sport (Coaching) 
  • Trackman Level 1 & 2 Certified
Future of golf

I stand for the vision of GolfSpace. If we can’t measure it, we can’t improve it. That is why I truly believe that bringing measurable data through Trackman & PuttView to golfers and educating them across the PlayMaker 6 elements is the future of golf. This will enable golfers to understand their swing patterns and ball flight tendencies much easier. I also believe that learning fundamentals & educating players indoors will have a great impact on performance outdoors. I think that closing “the gap” between indoor and outdoor golf is what is missing and GolfSpace is here to change that.

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