PlayMaker 6 Analysis

Our process is unique, and the data it provides is unrivaled. Book your PM6 Analysis today to start your GolfSpace journey.

Everything starts with Data.

How it works

The PlayMaker 6 Analysis is a 90-minute session where together with your PGA coach, we record a complete benchmark of your current golf ability across all 6 elements of the game, using a unique, digital process. Simply book a session, turn up with your clubs, and ninety minutes later you will have generated a complete read-out of your game that both outlines your strengths and diagnoses your opportunities for improvement.

What we record

After time to warm up, we step through a range of pre-determined shots using multiple clubs. Starting with tee and approach shots a TrackMan bay, we then move to our Wedge Calibration Zone for chipping, and PuttView for putting. This provides a full baseline data set across your whole game, and includes a strokes gained score to demonstrate your stengths and weaknesses for each shot. Everything is captured in our visual online tools, so we can drill deeply into every stroke as well as look at your averages over the whole session.

What we deliver

We produce a detailed PDF document that is yours to take away at the end of the session. Should you wish to proceed, the insights gained form the basis of your personalised PlayMaker 6 program which combines coaching, focused practice, e-Learning and a series of fun challenges to monitor your progress. As your skills develop, your data is continuously updated to give you direct evidence of your gains. This allows you to level up at your own pace and focus on the parts of your game that matter the most.

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