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A revolutionary approach to improving your game.

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PlayMaker 6 is GolfSpace’s game-changing coaching philosophy. Using a suite of integrated digital technologies from TrackMan, PuttView and Anova, we bring golfers measurable, fast gains across every element of the game. Starting with a structured PlayMaker 6 Analysis session, we use the technology to measure and record every aspect of your current game and establish a baseline data set. Once your information is captured, our revolutionary coaching techniques run as a data-powered framework unlike anything you’ve experienced in golf.

PlayMaker 6 - The Six Elements

1Off The Tee - Our fullswing technique focuses on a discrete set of TrackMan parameters to help you achieve longer, straighter tee shots

2Approach The Green - On the fairway, fullswing is adapted for iron play with an increased focus on shot accuracy in the scoring zone

3Around The Green - Using Trackman on our unique Wedge Calibration Zone, this element focuses on target selection and accuracy of your chip shots

4Putting - Using the PuttView augmented reality putting green, our putting tuition gives you real-time cues projected directly onto the green

5Course Navigation - We teach you how best to navigate each hole to lower your scores, based on your actual shot data

6Mindset - Focusing on developing a pre-shot routine that gets you into a flow state for repeatable consistency

Whether you would like to focus on one particular element, or take a longer course across all six, PlayMaker 6 underpins everything we teach at GolfSpace

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Dual Focus: Swing and Play

Fundamental to PlayMaker 6 is the dual focus on both SWING and PLAY. It’s not just another ‘Swing System’. It’s the first system that actually teaches how to play golf. The six elements of PlayMaker 6 will teach you everything you need to know to become a complete golfer.

Golfers need both an efficient swing and an effective strategy to play at the top of their game. PlayMaker 6 combines learning and performance in both these areas to improve ball striking ability and scoring. Only a screen-based golf facility can provide a practical and affordable opportunity to combine swing and play in each and every session.

Our PlayMaker 6 Performance Plans combine 1-on-1 coaching, group classes, self-guided learning, focused practice and tailored drills.

PlayMaker 6 brings elite performance methods into play for the everyday golfer

  • Analyse your game against the six most important elements in golf
  • Set ambitious goals – short term and lifetime goals
  • Benchmark the different facets of your game against a data-set of golfers with the same handicap, versus your aspirational handicap
  • Target the biggest opportunities in your game and track your improvement
  • Lower your scores, reduce your handicap and get the most out of your game.

Your PlayMaker 6 experience starts here

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PlayMaker 6 - Data analysis is just the beginning!

Analyse your game

After time to warm up, we step through around 100 pre-determined shots using a range of clubs. Starting with tee and approach shots, we then move to our Wedge Calibration and Putting zones to record a full baseline data set. This includes a strokes gained score that calculates your stengths and weaknesses for each hole.

Personalise your program

These insights form the basis of your personalised PlayMaker 6 program which combines coaching, focused practice, e-Learning and a series of fun challenges to monitor your progress. As your skills develop, your data is continuously updated to give you direct evidence of your gains. This allows you to level up at your own pace and focus on the parts of your game that matter the most.

Set your own goals

Once your data has been captured, we share it with you via the member portal which provides charts and graphs of your progress over time. Because of its ability to analyse your whole game, PlayMaker 6 allows you to rank your biggest opportunities and set your own goals. Our technology records your targets for each data point, allowing you to set your own pace and work progressively.

PlayMaker 6 is at the heart of GolfSpace’s unique approach to coaching

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