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Understand our coaching method that is growing player potential and leading the future of the golfing world.


“We have found the secret sauce to improving your golf. That is to play more, track your data, and fix the 6 critical elements that make up a complete golfer. How? Through our purpose-built facility, using measurable data, and under the guidance of our PGA certified coaches.”
– Dean Dewhirst, Founder of GolfSpace

3 reasons to
learn from us

3 reasons to learn from us




✓ Taught on real-life golf courses in a simulated world (not on a driving range)

✓ Clear performance metrics (no longer guess your numbers: club path, face to path, speed, spin rate, etc)

✓ Work on all elements of your game (not just your swing)



✓ Enjoyment: Those wanting to understand the sport better and have fun

✓ Improvement: Those looking to get golf course ready or transform part of your game

✓ Performance: Those seeking a full performance pathway to your best golf ever



✓ 60-minute lesson with PGA certified coach

✓ Structured learning plan & improvement report

✓ Before & after videos with instructional takeaways

If you come to a lesson and we haven’t shown you how you can better your game, we’ll give your money back. That’s how confident we are that you will improve.

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If you’re on the fence about trying golf, or getting better at golf: Stop mindlessly hitting buckets of balls. Start practicing with clear intentions, get knowledge of your results and improve with less effort.

- Tom De Jersey, Member



What do I need to bring to my lesson?

We are believers of “comfort over compact”, so recommend nothing but comfortable clothing and sneakers. Golf attire is not mandatory under the roof of GolfSpace. If you have your own equipment (including clubs), feel free to bring that. If you don’t have any clubs, no need to worry, we have them available here (at no hire cost).

What technology is used and how do the coaches use it?

At GolfSpace, we use TrackMan (the same simulator equipment used by the top players). But using this technology doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Our coaches use the data to understand your strengths and areas to improve. Because data isn’t subjective, right? Our coaches will use this data and apply the GolfSpace methodology to: Analyze, Educate, Implement & Empower. For example, just hitting a drive further is not the one answer to help you shoot better scores, so a coach helps you identify all your areas of opportunity through your metrics.

Do you teach all elements of the game?

GolfSpace focuses on a game-changing coaching philosophy which hones in on 6 key areas: Off the tee, Approach the green, Around the green, Putting, Course strategy and Mindset. Using a suite of integrated digital technologies from TrackMan, PuttView and Clippd, we bring golfers measurable, fast gains across every element of the game. If this doesn’t make sense to you yet, that’s ok, we will guide you through it.

What happens after my lesson?

You will get video feedback provided to you, as well as follow-up mentoring from your GolfSpace coach via our app. Our goal is to use it as an open communication channel. If you choose to do on-going coaching (before the road to improvement never ends), this means you don’t only get the coaches attention during a paid lesson, but after the lesson too.

How often should I be having lessons?

If we could provide any guidance, we would recommend a minimum of once a fortnight, which will be customized to what you are working on. From there, we recommend you practice twice a week, and play once a week. A player needs time to go away and work on design changes, so we want you to be able to implement those changes and/or come back with questions.

What else does GolfSpace do?

We’re glad you asked. We have a world-class putting green, an indoor driving range with 30-min express sessions, and 12x Trackman simulator bays which cover all aspects of your game. So if you play alone or with a team, and whether you want to play casually, focus during a lesson, or work to enhance your performance, there is an area for you. Plus an on-site bar and members lounge!

I’m new to golf, is a lesson right for me?

Of course. Lessons are for any ability, and any level. Doing a lesson early on will help you to understand the fundamentals of the game. You will also be taught how to understand and best use the technology at GolfSpace.