Gavin Meredith

Senior PGA Coach

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As a former tournament player, Gavin knows what it takes to reach his full potential as a golfer. He strives for all his players to reach the same and is with you for the ride.

About Gavin

Gavin has been a golf professional for 25+ years. As a father to two beautiful daughters, he loves trail running, bushwalking, diving, and of course, the world of golf.

His experience expands across public clubs to prestigious private courses such as NSW Golf Club, as well as running his own golf business for 10+ years.

Despite the length of time he’s been in the industry, Gavin is a big believer in using technology to quantify the message with evidence-based material, to make the journey of improvement clear & easy to follow.

Did you know?

1I have competed in 3 x 50km Ultra Trail hikes in the Blue Mountains

2I once attempted to wrestle a professional Mongolian wrestler and got tossed away in front of hundreds of people

3I also once got bitten in the backside by a Pakistani embassy guard dog in Beijing, China

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I’ve always found that too much information can often overwhelm a golfer and as a result, I strive to take a complicated topic and turn it into something easy to understand. I look at where a player is currently and where they could be. Using evidence-based material gets the player excited about playing and improving, and allows me to devise a plan to deliver a desired result.


My first step is to identify areas for improvement and prioritize the order of what we focus on. Using measurable technology and evidence-based material, my players will be given exact corridors and parameters for success that are easy to follow.

  • 26+ years as a Golf Professional
  • Winner of multiple PGA Pro AM events
  • Cert III & IV in Fitness
  • Business Management
Future of golf

The future for golf is that the industry will need to keep evolving and incorporate new ways to play. It will move golf away from the traditional confines. The use of technology has changed how the game is taught, and virtual golf will help to teach players how to play the game better, and maximise performance. That will translate to better scores out on the course.

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