Group Classes coming soon!

Group classes are run by our PGA-certified coaches.

A new way to learn golf

Our group classes are a great way for beginners and intermediate players looking to develop the fundamentals of the game or grow in confidence before they take it to the course.

In groups of up to 6 golfers, our 1-hour classes follow the Playmaker 6 method which covers all aspects of your game, not just swing techniques, and will have you shaving shots off your round in no time.

Classes feature specially pre-selected holes to give you a variety of challenging scenarios. They’re also a great way to become more familiar with our huge library of courses.

Some of the PlayMaker 6 group classes on offer at GolfSpace…

Off the tee

Hit more fairways through improved swing efficiency, club selection and shot making. Add distance to your drives through greater swing speed, swing efficiency and power.

Approaching the green

Hit more greens through improved swing efficiency, club selection and shot making.

Around the green

Learn to hit your spots and get up and down in our Wedge Calibration Zone. Say goodbye to the chip yips!


Learn to read the green like a pro, find your line and length, and be ‘deadly’ inside 10 feet!

Course strategy & navigation

Learn how to successfully navigate the course. Know where to aim and set up the next shot. Make smarter decisions and shoot lower scores!

Mindset and routines

Learn the eight steps to a repeatable pre-shot routine to improve consistency and enjoyment of every round.

Our group classes are designed to be fun and you’ll walk away with tailored drills to practice what you’ve learned!



Three reasons why you’ll love our group classes...

1. Learn with others

It’s more fun when you’re in a group of golfers who are all at the same level.

2. Variety of classes

We have classes for kids, beginners, and more experienced golfers.

3. Great value

More affordable than 1-on-1 coaching but with the same PGA-certified coaches and world-class facilities.