Womens Beginner Clinic.

Perfect for women looking to get into the game but don’t know how to start. Book in to join up to 3 other women in our weekly 1 hour classes.

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A new way to learn golf.

Our group classes are a great way for beginners and intermediate players looking to develop the fundamentals of the game or grow in confidence before they take it to the course.

In groups of up to 4 golfers, our 1-hour classes follow the Playmaker 6 method which covers all aspects of your game, not just swing techniques, and will have you shaving shots off your round in no time.

Classes feature specially pre-selected holes to give you a variety of challenging scenarios. They’re also a great way to become more familiar with our huge library of courses.

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8 Sessions

$35 $30 / session

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Three reasons why you’ll love our group classes...

1. Learn with others

It’s more fun when you’re in a group of golfers who are all at the same level.

2. No Commitment

While we are running an 8 week course and we encourage you to join every week, there is no commitment at all! You can join just one or buy a pack and book them all.

3. Female only class with a female coach

Join the class taught by our Academy Director, Emma Ash.

Meet Emma.

Emma is one of the most exciting up and coming golf coaches in Australia.  She has been a Senior Coach for the past three years and is an all-abilities golf coaching professional.  As well as coaching experienced golfers, Emma has experience developing juniors, seniors and ladies levelling up programmes. Emma came through the Golf Australia programme as an amateur and is now a PGA member. Emma is passionate about all of her players in achieving their best possible results through hard work and the use of technology.  She is well-loved by her clients for her skill, technical ability and instructional teaching style.