Season One: Bonnie Doon

GolfSpace PlayMaker 6 Challenge Series.

Exclusive and complimentary to Academy members, this is an action-packed journey of golf improvement over 12 weeks at Bonnie Doon Golf Club and virtual Bonnie Doon on TrackMan.

This is a whole new way to improve your game. It’s fun, it’s digital and it’s exclusive to GolfSpace.

Three coaches, three teams. Which coach will lead their players to score the biggest overall improvement? Join us to make it happen.

The PlayMaker 6 Challenge is a world-first concept, exclusive to GolfSpace. Here’s how it works in detail:

  1. Choose your team. Our PGA Coaches each have years of professional experience in every element of Golf.
  2. Play a round of Bonnie Doon Golf Course (the real one!) to set your personal target score and that of your team. We have arranged for exclusive, complimentary use on Thursday July 21st (alternative tee times available if you can’t commit to that date).
  3. Train for 12 weeks. Utilising our PlayMaker 6 coaching philosophy on TrackMan Test Center, virtual Bonnie Doon, the Wedge Calibration Zone and PuttView, your coach will focus on the key opportunities for improvement in your game.
  4. Post a round to our weekly Challenge scoreboards. Earn points for your team and track your personal scores.
  5. The Grand Finale – On Thursday October 13th, play Bonnie Doon Golf Course once more to decide the winner of the Challenge.

Which team will take you to the top of your game?

Up until July 21st, our PGA coaches will be recruiting team members with a series of online posts showing off their coaching styles and providing drills and tips covering all six elements of PlayMaker 6:

1. Off The Tee | 2. Approach The Green | 3. Around The Green | 4. Putting | 5. Course Strategy | 6. Mindset

Once you know which way you’re leaning, simply log into your GolfSpace account and join your chosen team in the Memberships section.

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Team Emma

Emma is one of the most exciting up and coming golf coaches in Australia. She has been a Senior Coach for the past three years and is an all-abilities golf coaching professional.

Emma came through the Golf Australia program as an amateur and is now a PGA member. Emma is passionate about all of her players in achieving their best possible results through hard work and the use of technology. She is well-loved by her clients for her skill, technical ability and instructional teaching style.

Best choice for: Golfers looking for big results whilst learning and improving in a fun way.

IMG_1615 Large

Team Gavin

Gavin has a wealth of experience in the golf industry with a career spanning more than 20 years as a PGA member. Undertaking various roles throughout his career, including as a tournament player

He has held positions at the Avalon and NSW Clubs, Narrabeen Golf Centre, Anthill Park and South West Sydney Golf Centre. Gavin’s role at GolfSpace is managing the overall facility to its highest capabilities and overseeing the implementation of the unique layered coaching system.

Best choice for: Newer players or those who are less experienced with TrackMan virtual golf.

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Team James

James lives and breathes golf. Whether it be competing in PGA Australasian Tournaments, coaching, or keeping up to date with the latest in golf technology, James continues to stay at the leading edge.

James graduated from the Australian College of Elite Golf in 2012 and became a PGA professional graduate in 2017. He is a strong advocate in the use of technology in understanding and analysing one’s game, and creating structured and effective practice plans.

Best choice for: Golfers wanting a data-focused approach to improving their game.

Virtual Bonnie Doon is a Full HD recreation of the real thing.Exclusive to GolfSpace

Experience PlayMaker 6 In Action.

We focus on developing incremental improvements in your game, starting and finishing with a round of the real Bonnie Doon. Each month, the challenges get progressively harder as you consolidate your learning and level up your skills.

  • Benchmark Round at Bonnie Doon: 21st July 2022. Set the score you’ll need to beat in week 12.
  • Month 1 – You’ll record benchmark scores off the tee, approaching the green, around the green, in putting, course navigation and mindset.
  • Month 2 – Cycling back through each element, your aim is to beat your scores by following your practice plan, getting to know the course inside-out
  • Month 3 – Consolidate your newly-minted skills and set your final personal scores.
  • Grand Final Round at Bonnie Doon: 12th October 2022

Can’t make the included Bonnie Doon rounds? There’s a one-week window for you to post your score and alternative tee times available for a small fee.

Master Bonnie Doon in 12 weeks. Never stop improving.

The GolfSpace PlayMaker 6 Challenge includes 2 rounds outdoors and 12 rounds indoors. Your weekly scores are recorded in the leaderboard every week, so you can track both your own, and your team’s performance.

With practice on the TrackMan driving range and play on the virtual Bonnie Doon course, we help you improve every element of your game.

Plus putting on PuttView is included, with recreations of some of Bonnie Doon’s most challenging green scenarios

“Exclusive and complimentary to Academy members, The GolfSpace Challenge Series re-invents the experience of golf coaching, using 21st century technology and data. At GolfSpace, we’re on a mission to inject the missing sense of fun, progression and competition into everything we do! Join us and start to love your game.”

Dean Dewhirst, GolfSpace CEO.