The space that golf’s been missing

Ditch the outdoor driving range!

Let’s face it – the driving range sucks. You pay $25 for a bucket of shabby restricted-flight balls and spend ages trying to find a free bay. Once you locate one (it’s on the top tier of the range, next to the nets on the far right-hand side), you discover there’s no rubber tee and the floor mat has more wear and tear than Bryson DeChambeau’s driver.

So you start hitting balls aimlessly into the sunset, with no feedback about how you’re hitting the ball, where it’s really going and why you can’t get rid of that push slice. And did we mention there’s nowhere to practice your chipping and putting?

But what if we told you that there’s a smarter way to improve your golf – and have fun while doing it? That you can now practice like the pros, with access to the very same top-of-the-range technology that the world’s best golfers use?

Practice like the pros with twelve TrackMan 4 golf simulator bays

Trackman 4’s unparalleled radar technology provides accurate readings of key indicators such as club speed, launch angle, spin rate and carry – giving you a total picture of what’s working – and what isn’t. You’ll never be left guessing why you hit that last one pure – you’ll have the data and analysis to repeat it again and again!

The TrackMan 4 golf simulator is the beating heart of our PlayMaker 6 performance system. Your PlayMaker 6 experience will start with a complete analysis including the calculation of strokes gained scores for each of the six areas of your game, providing you with instant feedback about what you need to improve. For instance, you might be an 18 handicapper, but in reality you’re 15 off the tee and 28 around the green. You can then pick a program that’s tailor made to sharpen your short game.

Hone your skills on official virtual renders of the world’s best golf courses

You can tune up your game on more than 125 top golf courses. Need to work on your driver? Then take on the blind carry over the old railway shed on the 17th Road Hole at St Andrews. Want to dial in your pitching wedge? Then do it at Pebble Beach’s iconic par-3 7th hole.

Hone your game on top courses using the same state of the art Trackman 4 simulators the pros use coupled with our expert coaching staff and PlayMaker 6 performance system. And best of all – you get to hit your own Pro V1’s, rather than those tired, washed out, yellow driving range balls.

But we’re also all about having fun. Tee off on solo or social rounds with a group of mates, or join in weekly member competitions, or (virtually) take on the pros at the Majors.

PuttView: Our first-of-its-kind indoor putting green

If three-putting is costing you precious strokes, then head over to GolfSpace’s exclusive PuttView interactive learning environment.

The first of its kind in Australia, PuttView lets players create any putting scenario, projecting it directly onto the green and giving you the reads for fast and slow putts.

Want to compete against a mate? Then take them on in a game of Putt Pong – you’ll be nailing those 10 footers in no time!

Indoor Driving Range

We all know that having a good short game is crucial to improving our scores, but when do you really get the opportunity to practice it?

That’s why GolfSpace designed the Wedge Calibration Zone.

Featuring landing-zone-targets in 5-metre increments up to 30 metres, it gives players the opportunity to find touch with their wedges and compete with other players for a spot on the GolfSpace leaderboard.

Cafe and Bar

Featuring big screens and fringed by our PuttView green, what better place for refreshment and post-round analysis than our architecturally designed cafe and bar?

Stocked with premium coffee and tea, boutique beers, wines and a range of snacks.

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