Want to get better, fast?

Want to get better, fast?

Experience Sydney’s newest indoor TrackMan driving range. 
“Practicing with TrackMan technology allows you to dial in your distances, and work out what is going on through data and analytics, so you can quickly make the necessary adjustments – and take out the guesswork. The numbers don’t lie and will give you real results – fast.”
– Dean Dewhirst, Founder of GolfSpace

A new school approach

We want you to try out TrackMan for free, so we can change your perception about improving your golf game using a driving range with technology!

Here’s how:

1Express Practice Area:

You don’t need to grind for two hours outdoors. Get in, and get out with a bucket of balls in under 30 minutes.

2Guaranteed Improvement:

Our facility is powered by TrackMan technology that will 10x your improvement. It’s all in the numbers.

3Keep Your Time Sacred:

No waiting in line for hours to get a spot. Drop in anytime that suits your schedule.

4Play All Day:

Enjoy an air-conditioned venue where you can play in rain, hail or shine.

1Targeted Practice

Traditional driving ranges offer a broad practice area but lack the specificity needed for targeted improvement. TrackMan allows you to focus on particular aspects of your game, honing in on weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

2Eliminating Guesswork

Without technology, golfers often rely on guesswork and subjective feelings to assess their performance. TrackMan replaces guesswork with objective data, providing a clear picture of each shot's outcome and the underlying mechanics.

3Efficiency and Time Management

TrackMan's efficiency in delivering feedback will enable you to maximise your practice time. Rather than spending hours hitting balls without a clear purpose, players can engage in shorter, more focused sessions that yield substantial improvements.

4Adapting to Conditions

Weather conditions on the range may vary, making it challenging to simulate real-game scenarios. TrackMan adapts to environmental factors, providing accurate data regardless of weather conditions. This ensures consistent practice and preparation for all playing conditions.


How does the free session work?

Just drop in to GolfSpace anytime that suits your schedule. One of our GolfSpace team members will help activate your account so you can receive your first bucket of balls 100% free. Make sure you download the TrackMan app here (this is so you can make the most of your experience).

Can I bring someone?

The free session is for a single player, however, if you’d like to bring someone, share this page with your friend so they can experience the driving range for free too.

How does this indoor driving range compare with an outdoor driving range?

We all know that the secret sauce to getting better is playing more golf, and the better you get, the more you enjoy playing. The challenge is, we are time poor. When it comes to outdoor practice, we don’t have time to cue up in a line, risk getting sunburn, or hitting crappy balls that give you no information other than which way the ball went. The most important thing is: You don’t need to grind for two hours outdoors. Get in and get out with a bucket of balls. Once you have an account set-up, you can book to play anytime. Our TrackMan technology will measure all your numbers and tell you exactly where you need to focus on to improve your game. We are a fully indoor venue, meaning no sun burn and always on air conditioning!

What do I wear?

The good thing about GolfSpace is that you don’t have to dress like your dad. Wear whatever you’re comfortable in, there is no dress-code. Closed shoes are a must.

Do you have club hire?

Absolutely, we have clubs available for hire ($20 a set).

Where are you located? Is there parking on-site?

29-31 O’Riordan St, Alexandria, NSW. And yes, there is plenty of free parking right outside the venue.

What times are you open?

Our open hours are 7am-10pm (Mon-Fri), 8am-9pm (Saturdays) and 8am-6pm (Sundays). You can rock up and use your free session anytime between those hours!

What happens after my free session?

Once you have activated your GolfSpace driving range account, you can top-up your account at anytime. The more you top-up, the more value you get. For example: If you top-up $300, you will get $330 of credit. As a one-off bonus, within the first 14 days, Top-Up $100 or more to your account and receive a BONUS $100 credit.

What are the regular prices for balls on the driving range?

You can choose from 3x different bucket sizes. Prices are: M bucket (50 balls) = $20. L bucket (75 balls) = $25. XL bucket (100 balls) = $30.

What else does GolfSpace do?

We’re glad you asked. Other than our brand-new indoor driving range, we have a world-class putting green, 12x Trackman simulator bays (which cover all aspects of your game), a chilled club lounge and a spacious on-site bar & cafe. So if you play alone or with a team, and whether you want to play casually, focus during a lesson, or work to enhance your performance, there is an area for you!

Ready to play?